BUET Night - 2019

Date: 23rd November, 2019 (Saturday)
Address: 3895 McNicoll Ave, Toronto, ON M1X 0C1


BUET Alumni Association Canada is hosting a magnificent annual event “BUET Night-2019” on Saturday, 23rd November 2019 at Grand Cinnamon Banquet & Convention Centre.


Atiq Rahman, M.Eng., P.Eng. Leed AP, Director of Professional Development has been nominated as Convenor for BUET Night - 2019.


The event flourishes with the following:

Ø  Annual General Meeting

Ø  Meeting & Greet with batchmates, friends & families

Ø  Annual Dinner – Amazing buffet

Ø  Fabulous Cultural Program

Ø  Fest, Funs, Photo session etc.


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Regular Ticket Prices: Per family 1st ticket $45, remaining $40, Not counting children under 5 years. Per family maximum 7 discounted tickets ($40)


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