PMP Certification Preparation Work-Shop (Modules 2& 8) on February 21, 2016

PCSM BD (International Institute of Cost, Quality, Safety and Project Management) offers PMP (Project Management Professional) certification preparation and other project management courses globally. The certification preparation workshops have been designed objectively to align the participants entirely with the PMI’s (Project Management Institute) Project Management Standards and Practices that gets the participants close to the door step of achieving the global PMI, PMP® accreditation.

This particular 5 (Five) hour’s training course will help participants to acquire in depth knowledge in (2) two focused modules (Project Management framework, professional ethics and responsibilities; and Project Risk management) covered by the PMBOK (Project Management Body Of Knowledge). In this boot camp style workshop, participant would be exposed to a very well-ordered instruction, interactive group discussions, project problem solving practices, hands on exercises/case studies, PMP exam. tips & tricks, and end of the work-shop trials on selected practice questions. 

Who should attend?
BAAC Members who desire to build or improve project management skills and techniques to establish themselves in the competitive job market by achieving PMP credentials

Value of Work-Shop
It will provide 5 Credit Hours (from the total 60 hours required for PMP Certification).

What will you learn?
Out of PMBOK, Ten (10) modules/knowledge areas required for the PMP certification, Two (2) will be covered by this workshop. The outlines of the 2 modules are as given below.


  1. Certification Benefit
  2. PMP Certification – 7 Steps
  3. Qualification for PMP Application
  4. Applying to Write a Certification Examination
  5. PMP Examination administration
  6. PMP Examination Format
  7. Topics covered in the PMP examination
  8. Professional Responsibility & Code of Ethics



  1. Introduction to Risk Management
  2. Plan Risk Management
  3. Identify Risks
  4. Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis
  5. Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis
  6. Plan Risk Responses
  7. Control Risks
  8. Summary and Review
  9. Exercise question

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